List, list, oh list (Hamlet)

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the little things in life that really make your days go right: starting to make things happen, headphones, indian cotton shirts, eight ball, fluorescent-bright food stores, a wish-box, western sundowns, the medley of laughs, sleeping with a jacket over you, juicy hamburgers, campfire parties in the desert, barbecued baby spareribs with a special sauce, cartwheels, „no problem“, the bottom of the grand canyon, biergarten, watching tv with  a pack of chips and a coke, finally getting off the ground, beer signs, breakfast cooked over, an outdoor fire, summertime, „open“ signs, nocturnal drinking expeditions, the midnight hungries, sexy people, believing in yourself, being „on the beat“, laughing till you cry, the promise of untold adventure, sunglasses and shadows, loud radios, daydreams, coin pinball machines, sunshine and weekends, devil´s food, beach scenes, standing up for yourself, savoir-faire, steaming coffee, campfire songs, deep country, a straight black shirt, long days at the beach, abandoning all civilities, singing under the shower, riding the wind, first impressions, cliffs like cathedrals and trees growing out of rocks, liking others, accepting others, laughing with others, the one cube left by the person being too lazy to refill the ice, picnic groves, the first scratchy campher smelling sweater of the season, old pairs of sneakers with tales to tell, deep and calm feelings, great escapes, falling asleep to music, relative humidity, „that´s the ticket“, wiggling your toes in the sun, overlooking a bay, two-for-one sales, sleeping late, no expiration dates, observing people and writing down what you think they think, taking a weekend trip by yourself, sunlight creating a dappled pattern through the trees, black outside-squishy inside, pizza samples, palm trees, red wine and one-inch-thick, peeking out from under sunglasses, the kind of girl summer nights were made for, your first love, watching your blood pressure as it is taken, twilight hour, drinking beer, eating pretzels and peanuts, tuning the radio to a top 40 station, the twang of a guitar, long after-dinner talks, campfire wood, hilltop towns, mail that is not all bills, summer rain, foreign coins, possibilities, flirting, sometimes just having to say „what the hell!“, winning games, cranky guitars in a rock song, stomping in mud puddles, fooling around, pushing your luck, popcorn popping all over the room, lazy days and crazy nights, accompaniment, riding a roller coaster, when no day is friday 13th, being too busy to notice, reveling in time alone, the few seconds of pleasure before the aftertaste of a diet drink sets in, chili-burger, tic-tac-toe in the dirt, „once upon a time…“, a country mile, o.o.c.=out of control, the dark line of a storm on the horizon, insert coin, cold showers in the morning, getting quite drunk for a good reason, being someones pillow, popcorn-and-tears movies, the solid sound of a good door shutting, the head-for-the-beach-anyway plan, the points the wipers cannot reach, having a story to tell, making plans, stone-washed jeans, good vibration, the smell of hot coffee, conspicuous consumption, eating your junkfood at home, going jogging at sunset, being the friend of somebody, crazy socks peeking out, playing the guitar and singing out of tune, wooden booths, sleeping bags, „…just five more minutes“, heat of the moment, bright-blue-sky blue, not thinking about tomorrow, when travelling taking twice the money and half the clothes you need, rough-sleeping, stolen kisses by the firelight, the grinding undertone of stones, watching shooting stars go by, garlic-butter sandwiches, enveloping yourself with calm, nourishing your senses and soul, having one credit card, stereo till your ears blow off, wearing your hair long, leaving work early the day before a holiday, airbrushed t-shirts, life the universe and everything, comics and cartoons, velvet quilts, birds singing in the morning, taking action, vinyl records, street art, too-hot-to-cook weather, tunnel of love, trucks, seven-day-weekends, a cozy bed on a chilly night, reading the last page of a good book, dry clothes after a wet walk in the rain, knowing the answer, deckchairs, love as a contact sport, a bathroom with great acoustics, target-indicator flares (candles on pub tables), the rites of spring, getting a lift in the dead of night, the itch on that part of your back you cannot reach, improvised umbrellas, mental incapacipation as a cause of a severe hangover, traces in the sand washed away by the tide, the amusement caused by passport photos, pretending still to be asleep, unplugging the phone,  keep smiling, tons of chocolate. letting it roll.

Habe eine Liste mit Dingen gemacht, die das Leben lebenswert machen. Weil ich anglophil bin, hab ich sie auf Englisch gemacht. Die meisten Dinge sind tatsächlich kostenlos. Jetzt geht’s mir schon besser.

Memo an mich selbst: Bei Gelegenheit ins Deutsche übersetzen. Allerdings ist Deutsch keine so poetische Sprache wie Englisch.


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